Posted on: October 5, 2008 10:30 pm

A Gopher rant

I'm sure we've all seen the new polls, and this week, the 5-1 Gophers got only one vote in the Coaches Poll and didn't get a single vote in the AP Poll.

Tell me this isn't BS...the other Big 10 teams that are in the AP poll are Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State.  Now, PSU is undefeated and Michigan State has the same 5-1 record as us but I am still not impressed with the Buckeyes.  Or at least not enough to think they deserve to be in the top 12/15 every week.  In their 2 games against ranked teams, they first get destroyed by USC, and then they barely beat Wisconsin.  Also, their performances in their early non-conference games we're not nearly impressive or dominant as Minnesota's.

In the Gophers' first 4 games, they won all 4 of them, outscoring their opponents 145-70.  The week after that, they take on the as ever ranked Buckeyes, and Ohio State, won but again didn't dominate (dominating meaning more than 2 scores) a team they were expected to beat.  After that, Minnesota bounced back and beat Indiana, a team they were again predicted to lose to.

Am I saying the Gophers are clearly better than the Buckeyes?  No, they're both 5-1.  Am I saying it's fair that Ohio State should be in the Top 25 every week while Minnesota gets one vote in both polls combined?  Yes.
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Posted on: June 9, 2008 11:21 pm

Just how good has the Cubs offense been?

The Cubs lead the NL in runs, hits, doubles, RBI, on base %, batting average, OPS, and pitches seen. They are 2nd in total bases and walks, and 3rd in slugging % and extra base hits. Is there a major batting category I've missed that the Cubs aren't top 3 in? Ah - HR, which the Cubs are 4th in with 70. Bottom line, the Cubs offense is one of the best in the league, probably the best.

Lou Piniella's club has been producing runs like a factory this season, and it shows not only in the team stats, but also in each player's numbers. In fact, quite a few Cubs are on pace for 100+ RBI seasons:

Alfonso Soriano: On pace for 132 RBI. Cub haters can criticize him as a leadoff man all they want, but seriously, when was the last time a leadoff man was knocking in runs like Soriano is? No one in the game can give his team a 1-0 lead on the first pitch of the game better than Soriano.

Derrek Lee: On pace for 100 RBI, and that is with his recent struggles. When he gets it going again, watch out, the only better 1B in the game is Albert Pujols.

Aramis Ramirez: On pace for 113 RBI, which would be his 3rd year in a row with 100+. Also, he is on pace for 94 walks, which would shatter his career high, and he should get to last year's walk total before the All-Star break. This is in addition to leading the Cubs in RBI and OPS.

Geovany Soto: On pace for 108 RBI. The only catcher since 2004 to have 100 RBIs in a season is Victor Martinez

The Cubs offense has been firing on all cylinders all season, even Mark DeRosa is on pace for 93 RBI, add great OBP guys like Kosuke Fukudome and Ryan Theriot to the mix, and you have one hell of a lineup!
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