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A Gopher rant

Posted on: October 5, 2008 10:30 pm
I'm sure we've all seen the new polls, and this week, the 5-1 Gophers got only one vote in the Coaches Poll and didn't get a single vote in the AP Poll.

Tell me this isn't BS...the other Big 10 teams that are in the AP poll are Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State.  Now, PSU is undefeated and Michigan State has the same 5-1 record as us but I am still not impressed with the Buckeyes.  Or at least not enough to think they deserve to be in the top 12/15 every week.  In their 2 games against ranked teams, they first get destroyed by USC, and then they barely beat Wisconsin.  Also, their performances in their early non-conference games we're not nearly impressive or dominant as Minnesota's.

In the Gophers' first 4 games, they won all 4 of them, outscoring their opponents 145-70.  The week after that, they take on the as ever ranked Buckeyes, and Ohio State, won but again didn't dominate (dominating meaning more than 2 scores) a team they were expected to beat.  After that, Minnesota bounced back and beat Indiana, a team they were again predicted to lose to.

Am I saying the Gophers are clearly better than the Buckeyes?  No, they're both 5-1.  Am I saying it's fair that Ohio State should be in the Top 25 every week while Minnesota gets one vote in both polls combined?  Yes.
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Posted on: October 6, 2008 9:31 pm

A Gopher rant

Was Minn expected to lose to Indiana? I can't believe anyone would think that.

I think the lack of respect for Minn stems from two, maybe three things. First, the perception that they haven't beaten anybody yet. So a lot of people notice Minn winning, but they just are not sure how for real Minn is. Michigan State played Cal and lost to them by a touchdown, whipped Notre Dame and has all this hype because people are familiar with Javon Ringer, who is now being talked about for the Heisman. No one is familiar with Minn's players, except their followers. And you can argue Cal and ND are/have not been ranked teams, but they still have that name recognition that means when a team plays them people will take note of the outcome or watch the game.

This brings me to what actually was going to be my third point, which is I have to wonder if pollsters watch Minnesota games. Now, the game against me, people watched it and are seeing what they want to see with OSU, mainly because Pryor is in now as QB and Wells was back. But Minnesota just let a few opportunities slip by them--otherwise, that game could have been really close. But no, all people will do is praise Pryor and Wells in that game. So I agree, OSU is not that special this season. Even a lot of their fans will tell you so.

Finally, what you're talking about is the biggest problem with preseason polls--they rank who they want to rank. Because OSU was ranked to begin with, they will remain high and have the best shot at the title or another BCS bowl, whereas if you're a team like Minn that started out with no top 25 votes you have to really claw your way there and go all out to prove something for weeks and weeks.

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